Preston Thomas

A pleasure to work with. Everything completed to spec and on time. Thanks!


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Alter custom built wordpress search page

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I have a custom built search page that alters default Wordpress search function to only search one category and return the listings in ascending order. In addition it has certain keywords that match up with post titles in that category and returns the results as follows (case insensitive): John, Jn Matthew, Mt Mark, Mk Acts, Ac Luke, Lk Corinthians, Cor What I need is to allow users to add a period at the end of the abbreviated keyword and return the same results. I suppose instead of adding a new keyword search term you could just strip out periods from the search - either way we want the following to be part of the keywords: John, Jn, Jn. Matthew, Mt, Mt. Mark, Mk, Mk. Acts, Ac, Ac. Luke, Lk, Lk. Corinthians, Cor, Cor. Also when listing the verse numbers, we need to be able to substitute a ":" with a "." Thus you should get the same result if you search for "14:52" or "14.52"


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