Purple Panda provided us an exceptional level of UK based custom software development. Their level of knowledge and determination to fulfil the project on time and to budget really helped us. I will be using them and and would have no problem recommending them to another employer.


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WP JQuery Quote Calculator Page

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Add or amend the site as set out below. I have identi?ed the need to provide a instant quotation system that can be inserted into pages and posts using a short code. The calculations for this form are set out in a google spreadsheet that will be given with the project. The form will use jQuery to reference back the calculations in the browser without the need to refresh. Once the form has been ?lled out and a calculation has been provided the form will then be able to email the calculation to both the employers client and the web site visitor. If a valid email address is provided by the visitor. It would be good to limit spam for this using captcha here. The styling is already set out within the Elegant theme “TheProfessional” and this is the css and styling to be used.


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