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I have worked with many website builders and designers and PurplePanda is one of the tops. For me, the need to make revisions, change my mind about things, etc., are an unfortunate necessity, and PurplePanda were 100% on board with whatever I needed. PurplePanda never once sounded upset when I would be wishy washy – and they should have! That is why I can recommend PurplePanda so highly and will definitely work with them again.


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Video/email capture landing pgs/blog

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I have a simple idea for a landing page that will have 3 tabs, one for each of 3 videos, designed to capture vistors email addresses and eventually sell a product on the last video. As well, I would like visitors to be able to post comments below the video (approved of course). Main thing I need help with is making sure it is ultra professional looking. I would like the designer to be very creative, helping me with ideas to make it look special. I can do basic landing pages myself - but it is the creative component that I lack.


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